The Journey: How I Fell in Love with Film

While I was a teenager in the early 2000s, I took a lot of photos on those disposable film cameras you would find everywhere. That was where my love of photography started, and I would always be shooting fun pictures. Shortly before I graduated high school, my parents purchased a small point and shoot, and I was always the one taking photos of the family and such. And then, at some point around my senior year, I even got a Pentax consumer camera

Fast forward to 2009, and I’m getting married. As I interacted with our wedding photographer, I started taking note of how she took care of us, even beyond the wedding day. I started realizing my love for photography again and developing a love for all things wedding and love. In January 2010, I started my business, and things evolved ever since.

Two years ago, my dad gave me his Pentax K1000 and a Polaroid camera. My love for photography deepened, and I started to fall in love with film. As the last two years passed, I started getting a collection of different film cameras and trying the different formats, finally realizing that I truly love film. I then made the decision to start shooting film at weddings and shoots, and I’m planning to eventually primarily use my film cameras.

I decided I would start a blog series titled The Journey that will focus on my growth as a film photographer and may even detail things I learn for you to learn as well! The posts will have a variety of photos from weddings, landscapes, portraits, and so on.

Here are a handle of images from one of my last rolls that I love.









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